The Best Way to Change Your Fate is to Fight

In my early 20s, I was society’s definition of a loser. I wanted so badly to be a successful writer and martial artist, but I lacked the talent to succeed in either field. My blogs failed. My fighting skills were not respected. And I alienated friends and strangers alike with my aggressive, yet stubborn approach to life.

So in 2012, I decided to take a risk that would forever define the outcome of my life:  For better or for worse, I would become obsessed with my two crafts, sacrificing a “normal” life for one of all-consuming passion.

I took a writing job for less than minimum wage. I trained around the clock in martial arts, pushing my body and studying film late into each night. And eventually, I developed an idea for a YouTube series that would allow me to combine my two greatest passions. Wing Chun Blast — a documentary-style series where I traveled America to interview and spar the nation’s top self-defense experts — was launched in 2013.

Through Wing Chun Blast, I found the success I had been looking for. The show received hundreds of thousands of views from martial arts fans around the world, and I was given a platform to demonstrate my new close-quarter fighting skills. But more importantly, the show provided me with the adventure of a lifetime and introduced me to people who forever impacted my life. As a writer, I learned that everyone, regardless of age or background, has life-changing advice to give to the world. And as a martial artist, I learned that the ability to fight in close quarters can translate to just about any other form of movement.

These days, I’m still working obsessively towards mastery of my two favorite passions. My book — Literally the Best Advice You’ll Ever Receive — is well under way. And my journey as a martial artist has led to a new adventure in road running, where efficiency of movement and calmness under pressure are the two most important keys to success.

Click around the site to learn more about my projects, past and present. And remember — somewhere within you lies greatness. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.