Dealing with Setbacks and Adversity – The Honest Way

When we get injured, our bodies react with inflammation. By flooding the injured area with extra blood, the body can deliver a steady supply of protein, carbohydrates, and growth factors to our broken bones and damaged connective tissue. In this sense, inflammation is a good thing.

But the first rule of healing from any injury is to reduce inflammation as soon as possible. Why? Because the body has a tendency to overcompensate. Inflammation is great for healing, but it doesn’t allow us to grow and get stronger. With too much inflammation, our injuries are in a perpetual state of healing – we never fully recover.

Oddly enough, these biological processes perfectly mirror our choices in how we handle adversity. Inflammation – or the steps we take to heal our personal wounds – is often necessary. But it shouldn’t become who we are, because when it does, we stay stuck in the mindset of rebounding and never get the chance to actually move forward.

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