My interest in fitness began during my days as a martial artist. After discovering that I could significantly increase my hand speed through high intensity interval training, I began delving into the science of movement, studying everything from bodybuilding to endurance training. I eventually discovered that all great athletes, regardless of sport, share the common ability to move efficiently, wasting little energy as they run, jump, swing, or lift.

Over the past several years, I have dedicated the vast majority of my own training to efficient movement, which I believe can best be achieved through central nervous system-targeted exercises. You can learn more about this type of training by checking out my six-part blog series documenting my buildup to the 2016 Philadelphia Marathon. For fitness and performance consulting inquiries, contact me at

Philadelphia Marathon Training, Six-Part Blog Series

Part 1 (May, 2016)

Part 2: Strength Gains, Speed Pains (May, 2016)

Part 3: The Little Things and The Big Picture (July, 2016)

Part 4: Narragansett Half Marathon Recap (July, 2016)

Part 5: LDISOs, Biohacking, DDR (August, 2016)

Part 6: Breaking Through (November, 2016)


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