Philadelphia Marathon Results

After seven months of marathon-specific training, I ran alongside 9,000 other runners at the Philadelphia Marathon on Sunday. On a windy morning that was less than ideal for racing, I took 68th place with a time of 2:44:38, which I’m 100% happy with. Thank you to everyone who has followed the blog leading up to the race. This is just the beginning!

Philadelphia Marathon Training, Six-Part Blog Series

Part 1 (May, 2016)

Part 2: Strength Gains, Speed Pains (May, 2016)

Part 3: The Little Things and The Big Picture (July, 2016)

Part 4: Narragansett Half Marathon Recap (July, 2016)

Part 5: LDISOs, Biohacking, DDR (August, 2016)

Part 6: Breaking Through (November, 2016)

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